Introverts Without Borders: But with lots of boundaries

4As a private international association offering nothing in particular to humanity, Introverts without Borders is dedicated to finding peace and quiet no matter how hostile the environment. This includes extreme poverty, war, and family reunions.

Each year its dedicated members travel the globe, fleeing large crowds and suffocating relationships, many with scant regard for their physical wellbeing.

Introverts Without Borders is open to all professions. The only requirement is a passionate desire to be alone, preferably near one or two good take-out restaurants.

Many of our members spend time in distressed populations and war zones, but only in communities that respect our space and don’t ask questions like: “Why are you so quiet?”

As volunteers, members understand the risks and dangers. They ask no compensation; only that they be allowed to sit quietly in their own thoughts or to read a book – preferably while not dodging bullets.

If you’ve ever had a desire to search the four corners of the earth for a little peace and quiet, contact us. If contacting complete strangers is not your thing, we’ll understand that too.