Oddly Happy Odd Couples

Are you skeptical about introvert/extrovert relationships? Let these couples set you straight.

 odd_couple_07 Marshall: When we met, we didn’t think we had a thing in common. Then we realized we both love small-time robberies and driving getaway cars.

Lisa: I won’t lie, Marshall’s long periods of silence sometimes bother me, but he more than makes up for it when he wakes up during the night screaming.

 odd_couple_02 Babs: I appreciate Sam’s life experiences, like being declared legally dead for three years.

Sam: Babs gets me out of the house and shows me another view of the world. Without her, I’d never experience the pure joy of taking her laundry to the dry cleaners.

 odd_couple_03 Julie: Jerry doesn’t always understand my need for alone time, especially when I’m hibernating. But there’s something about him I find so attractive, especially his cute smile when he chews on a wildebeest.

Jerry: My friends said we’d have nothing in common, but I fell in love with Julie the second I saw her trying to catch a fish in a river.

 odd_couple_04 Carmella: Romaine respects my need for my own space. Sometimes up to three inches apart.

Romaine: Carmella has a quiet side that I may never understand, as she may never grasp my desire to spend months with the Guatemalan National badminton team. Still, the only thing that can separate us is a severe cold.

 odd_couple_01 Francesca: It was tough when we first started dating. I wanted to go out and party every night. He wanted to stay home and read or talk about his dust bunny collection.

Lionel: Francesca opened my eyes to new world. I’m still quiet and shy, but have to admit I love going with her to clothing-optional Bingo nights.

 odd_couple_06 Spiros: I never believed I’d ever meet a woman who would understand an uncontrollably-sobbing introvert like me until I met Titania – as opposed to most people who find me unintelligible when I’m weeping.

Titania: Truth be told, I’ve never been turned on by bawling baby types, but there’s something tender and otherworldly about Spiros. I can’t take my eyes off him when he’s crawled up in a fetal position.

 odd_couple_05 Bert: We’ve always had a great working relationship. We respect our differences and give each other space. I’ve treasured our time together.

Ernie: There was a time when we both questioned our sexual identity. (It doesn’t help not having genitalia.) Then we said, “What the hell, being an introvert/extrovert couple is the least of our problems.

Bert: It would take more than extended periods of bone-chilling silence to wipe the smile off this puppet’s face.


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