Do You Feel Like an Invisible Introvert?

invisible_introvertIntroverts can feel invisible in a chattering world of gabbers. You might not recognize the feeling at first but the signs are always there:

  • Whenever you ask a question in class your teacher responds, “Yes, the chair in the back.”
  • You’re retirement watch has been engraved “The Guy in Cubicle 35-B.”
  • The only one at the party aware of your presence is a floor lamp with whom you are dissecting Kafka.
  • During sex your partner screams her own name.
  • The voices in your head talk as if you’re not there.
  • In high school, you were voted Most Likely to Pass Through Airport Security Undetected.
  • The drunk you’ve been subtly flashing your cleavage at keeps asking a bowl of peanuts for its phone number.

Yes, feeling invisible can be depressing but admit it; it would certainly come in handy each year when your workmates corner you in the lunch room with a birthday cake.