Explaining Introversion to your Parents

Being a kid is tough. Being a kid whose parents are clueless about your introversion is super tough.

You need to tell your mom and dad how you feel about being an introvert. The following lines might help them understand.

  • I’d love to hear more about the birds and bees but you’re exhausting me.
  • I never feel more alive than when I’m relaxing underneath my bed.
  • I’m not shy. Would a shy kid belong to a goth barbershop quartet?
  • I’m fairly certain puberty makes you averse to eye contact.
  • I have nothing against Grandma. I just can’t deal with her “you’re so cute” small talk.
  • Can I have 50 dollars for Meditation Camp?
  • Disneyworld is OK. I just wish it had an It’s a Solitary World After All ride.
  • There may not be an “I” in Team, but thankfully there’s one in “I”nterruptive Dance.
  • Please! I need my privacy! I’m trying to talk to myself!
  • I’m not sulking. I’m resting my face.

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