Finally, Protection from Seamless Conversations!

Do you enjoy talking to more than one person at a time – but can never get a word in edgewise?

Do you wish people would stop talking for JUST 2 FREAKIN’ SECONDS so you can be heard?

ZIP IT – Extra Strength for Introverts® silences non-stop talking. Simply spray ZIP IT at the offending yakker. Then say what’s on your mind.

ZIP IT stops:

  • People who love the sound of their voice
  • Committee chairpersons who aren’t interested in what others have to say
  • Amateur orators who can never get to the point
  • Know-it-alls who could care less about your opinion
  • Repeat offenders who say the same thing over and over and over
  • Deep breathers who can speak for hours without coming up for air
  • Persons petrified of pregnant pauses

ZIP comes in two strengths: Clam Up and Put a Cork in It for family get-togethers.

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