Good Introvert Job / Bad Introvert Job


Good Job for Introvert  Bad Job for Introvert 
 working_alone_01  clown-car
Enchanted forest freelance musician Carpooling clown
I contemplate beauty and nature. I contemplate extracting my nose from a colleague’s armpit.
I express myself through art. Sometimes it feels so good to beat Mr. Goobers with a rubber chicken.
I wake up at the break of dawn ready to begin my day. I hate commuting. Why do they always take the long way to the tent?
I treasure quiet moments with my dear chipmunk, Elijah. If I have to speak to one more guy with a big red nose…
Spending time alone in the woods makes me feel charged and alive. Fifteen seconds in the car with these Bozos and I’m ready to explode like a bad human cannonball.
Every creature in the forest respects my space. Every day, some clown “accidentally” grabs my groin.
When the last ray of sunlight disappears over the hills I lie back in a soft bed of moss and dream. After quitting time I’m in no mood for Karaoke Clown Night.

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