Bottom 7 Job Interview Tips For Introverts


  1. Find out who’s interviewing you and learn everything you can about them. But don’t let them see you parked outside their house with binoculars.
  2. Prepare. Write down questions you may be asked. Rehearse the answers like: “No, I’m not catatonic.” Or, “My biggest strength is my ability to answer questions I’ve barely heard because I was buried in my own thoughts.”
  3. Go to as many job interviews as you can if only to practice your interview skills. Don’t stop until you can make it through one interview without perspiration stains ruining your best suit.
  4. Emphasize your strengths as an introvert. For example, “If you need someone to quietly stand in the Ladies Room and make sure everyone washes their hands, I’m your woman.”
  5. Only apply for introvert-friendly jobs. You’d be surprised how many intelligent, solitary souls answer want ads for Needy Reality Star Personal Assistant.
  6. If making eye contact is too hard, connect with your interviewer using jazz hands.
  7. When asked to list your accomplishments, avoid answers like: “Making it this far in the interview without throwing up.”

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