Top 10 Signs You’re Too Focused On Your Introversion


  • You always bring your portable isolation tank to parties.
  • You refuse to appear in police lineups with more than three suspects.
  • You felt verklempt when your dentist said you had sensitive gums.
  • You boycott drive thru windows because they’re only interested in what you want to eat and not WHY you want to eat it.
  • You send your inner voice thank you notes.
  • You think there are upsides to being a 750-pound shut-in.
  • You belong to an introvert meetup group that has never spoken to each other.
  • You have alphabetized 957 snappy comebacks to the question, “Why are you so quiet?”
  • You brought a book to read at your wedding reception.
  • You have fantasized about a threesome with Myers and Briggs.

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