Did Networking Make Mona Lisa Feel Like A Phony?

Mona.Lisa.smile.It’s very possible that Mona Lisa, the subject of Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece, was an introvert. Here is what some so-called experts, based on semi-scientific analysis of her facial expression, hazard to guess she’s thinking.

  • I wish I was home by myself picking bugs out of my dinner.
  • Stop looking at me, Leonardo! You’re making me feel self conscious!
  • Please, don’t ask again if I want to take a break. This small talk is killing me.
  • There must be some way I can get out of going to the unveiling dinner.
  • Give it up, da Vinci. This is as smiley as I get!
  • Stop complaining, Mona. At least this beats working in sales.

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