airbnBust Cottage Guest Book Entries – Part 2

July 12 – July 19

We couldn’t figure out how to open the locked liquor cabinet. Fortunately, we found the crow bar.

Here’s to another great summer!

– The Perrywankle family

July 20 – July 27

Had a wonderful time! We hope the Jet Ski that crashed into the living room won’t affect our deposit.

Looking forward to our next stay

– Kris and Chris Stickles

July 28 – August 14

The cottage is so quiet and peaceful. We never heard from the family of raccoons in the washing machine except during the spin cycle.

– Tony, Toni and Little Tony Tonitelli.

August 17 – August 28

Your cottage has become our little piece of heaven. So private and secluded.  We’re going to tell all our friends in the Cali Cartel about it.

Viva La Vacation!

– The Shlomo Hernández family

August 29 – September 15

Each summer I look forward to staying at your lovely cottage on the cove. This year’s highlight was reading every back issue of Reader’s Digest.

– Celia Sonnert

airbnBust Cottage Guest Book Entries

Living Inside My Head

June 15 – July 9

Thanks for sharing your wonderful vacation cottage with us. The sights, the sounds were relaxing and restorative. By the way: Did you know Big Foot lives in the woods behind the boat shed? He taught our son how to search for grub worms in exchange for the Wi-Fi password.

Looking forward to our next stay.

The Grayson family

July 9 – July 23

We had a great time at your wonderful cottage. Caught 15 stripers on the first day! Thank you for your gracious hospitality. We hate to leave. Just a note: The grill’s propane tank is empty due mostly to Bigfoot’s raccoon roasts.

Can’t wait until next summer.

Tom and Gail Hannity

July 23 – August 6

This is our 6th year at the cottage. We so enjoy this lovely, quiet spot. Perfect weather, wonderful friends and delicious food. Just curious, did you give…

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