Connecting in the Non-Connector Forum

  Avatar_01 Connecting with people is a big challenge for me.  How do you get past hello? Or for that matter, how do you get past leaving your apartment to get past hello?
  Avatar_08 I read that whenever you’re speaking to people you should imagine yourself naked. That usually makes things worse for me. But it might work for you. I also talk about the advantages of speed reading.
 Avatar_07 I heard you should listen carefully for the other person’s name and use it in the conversation. Take it from me, that doesn’t work when discussing sexually transmitted diseases and Nazi war atrocities.
 Avatar_05 Asking someone if they’ve “had that mole checked out” sometimes gets the conversation going. Also, if I sit or stand very still people will ask me if I’m okay. Then I tell them about the metal plate in my head.
 Avatar_03 I know how you feel. I find it so hard to make small talk. I mean, how many ways can you respond to someone who asks, “Doc, how long have I got to live?”
 Avatar_02 I read in a magazine you should comment on a topic common to both of you. I just wish I could meet someone who knows something about Kafkaesque body builders.
 Avatar_04 Have you tried the Steroid-Free Kafka forum?
 Avatar_01 Thank you all for your wonderful insight. You’ve given me the courage place an order in the MaDonald’s drive thru.

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