Solo Run from the Cure®

LonelinessOfTheLondDistanceRunnerThe Sally F. Solo Race from the Cure® is the smallest 5K run/fitness walk in the world. It raises negligible funds and barely any awareness for the fight against the belief that introversion is a condition that can or should be cured. The race celebrates introvert survivorship and honors those who have lost their battle with idiots who won’t leave them alone.

Since its inception last week, the Sally F. Solo Run from the Cure has grown from one local race with one participant to a global series of more than 3 races, each with one participant. Our motto: Don’t Crowd Us!

The Sally F. Solo Race from the Cure is designed to promote awareness of people who think introversion is a curable illness. It also promotes avoiding them.

The Sally F. Solo Race from the Cure is a great way for people to help fight for a good cause without actually having to come into contact with other people helping fight for a good cause.

How can you help?

  • Donate – Send yourself a generous amount of money. Then ask your accountant how you can deduct it.
  • Volunteer – We promise: If we get together for any reason, there will be NO group hugs, high fives or team building exercises.
  • Form a team – Just kidding

Individually, we can make a difference!

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