Not-So-Great Things about Being an Introvert

Dead Tired

  • People always ask, “Why aren’t you talking?” Particularly the person who hired you as an auctioneer.
  • Every time you tell friends you want to be alone they say, “Great, we’ll keep you company.”
  • Folks mistake your aloofness for indifference and your indifference for unfriendliness.
  • Being with a large group of people exhausts you, especially when you’re running in a marathon.
  • Co-workers assume you’re a bad leader, just because you added sitting alone to your company’s team-building exercises.
  • You have to constantly suppress your rage while explaining, yet again, that you don’t hate people.

Great Things about Being an Introvert


  • You get to spend extended periods alone – until a neighbor calls 911 and reports the hermit living next door may have died.
  • You’re very self-aware of things like the sound of hair growing out of your head.
  • You’re not a snob; you have a hard time connecting with people above and beneath you.
  • Dining by yourself is great once you get past the hostess screaming, “Margery, your table-for-one is ready!!!”
  • You’re creative. You can think of countless ways to say, “I just want to go home and vegetate.”