Finding Someone Who Doesn’t Think Your Sounds of Silence Suck

When looking for a mate, it’s not easy to find that special person who will understand your quietness, but some people are uniquely qualified to deal with folks who don’t talk a lot. For example:

 british_queens_guard_prop_01 British Queen’s Guard – These guys are paid to spend each day in total silence. A few more minutes with you should be a piece of cake.
 librarian_03 Librarian – No one will treasure your silence more than a librarian. Aside from an occasional spirited discussion about the Dewey Decimal System, they love their shush-free moments.
 mime-hands Mime – Three unspoken words: He gets you.
 therapist_01 Psychiatrist – Who better for an introvert to have a relationship with than someone professionally trained to say “uh huh” and not much else?
 Wiretapping Surveillance specialist – You need a good listener, not a great conversationalist. He’s your guy.
 goddess Goddess – Goddesses aren’t chatty. All omnipotent creatures rarely are. They value your quiet spirit if not your obsession with the mundane.
 shepherd_01 Shepherd – Aside from an occasionally concerned sheep and a gossipy Border Collie, no one listens to his problems. He won’t expect you to be any different.

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