Variety is the Spice of Strife – Jump Start Your Introvert / Extrovert Love Life

sex_spice_up_01How do you re-kindle the magic that made you ignore your obvious introvert / extrovert differences? Here are some suggestions.

  • Surprise your extrovert with a new sexual position where you’re both in the same room.
  • Go to an introvert swapping party, don’t mingle, and leave after five minutes.
  • Greet your extrovert at the door wearing nothing but your inner thoughts.
  • Be more affectionate with your introvert. Don’t say, “Why aren’t you talking?” Say, “You really turn me on when you’re uncommunicative.”
  • Go to an extrovert swapping party, stay all night and then invite everyone for breakfast and STD tests.
  • Dress up your introvert as an unapproachable French maid.
  • Beg your introvert to go to a party and then surprise her with a group of hunky loners.
  • Talk dirty nonstop to your extrovert. This will turn him on and avoid unbearable silence.
  • Ask your extrovert if the voices in your head can watch.
  • Tease your extrovert by suggesting an intimate evening and then invite her best friends over for some foreplay.

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