Sextroverting can be a Multisyllabic Turn On

texting-1024x682Just because introverts are small-talk averse doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy a little sensual messaging. Keep your key-play intense and complex. Use the following chart to take your touch taps to smoldering heights.

Popular sexting phrase Sextroverting translation
What are you wearing? I respond very well to visual stimuli, particularly when it comes to women’s couture. I’d be curious to know if you are sporting anything intended to arouse the male species.
I was thinking about you in the shower today. An interesting thing happened while I was bathing this morning. Normally, I’m thinking about things pertaining to Paleolithic civilization but this time your name came up.
I think your lips are really sensuous. Not to detract from other parts of your anatomy, but I’d venture to say your lips, especially the bottom one, are your strongest features.
Want to see my “50 Shades of Grey”? I have a proposition for you. How do you feel about shades of grey and how many do you think you could tolerate viewing during an evening?
I want to take you to a place called orgasmland Are you familiar with a township known as Orgasmland? I’m quite certain you won’t find it on Google Maps.
Your bulge is driving me mad. It’s really a strange phenomenon that even I have a hard to processing, but I’m quite overwhelmed by your growing expression of affection for me.
I dreamed about you last night; you were mostly naked in it. The previous evening I had a dream. I’m almost certain you were in it and you weren’t wearing anything. Either that or you were wearing one of those funny body suits that give the impression of nakedness. If that were the case, I still found it very arousing.
I want to be naughty with you in the office. I have a lot of work to do, but I can clear some time during the afternoon after my 3:00 p.m. meeting for sex in the copier room.
I’d love to ride you. I have to confess, we may be moving towards interspecies fantasies because I have a strong urge to mount you.
I want to feel your strong grip on me. I have no objections to your light caresses. I even desire them on a regular basis. But I wouldn’t object to a more authoritative clasp.

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