Introvert’s Life Opens up with Help of Extrovert Therapy Dog

woman_with_dog_02Pamela (not her real name), a freelance 100 proofreader for a vodka trade magazine, is an extreme introvert who needs and values her time alone. But she also wants to experience things that her solitary lifestyle prevents, like meeting exiled foreign dictators and contra dancing.

She attempted to find a suitable date on websites like and with no success. She eventually heard about an organization that matches introverts with extrovert therapy dogs.

“My life changed immediately for the better,” said Pamela. “On our first walk, Tad, my ETD, introduced me, well, pulled me to a woman hailing a cab, a man fixing a tire, and a couple arguing about money. If I was by myself I wouldn’t have noticed them.”

Like a lot of introverts, Pamela values being alone but also desires exposure to the outside world extroverts provide. “For many introverts like me, an extrovert is my window to parts unknown. Before I met Tad I had no idea packs of feral dogs congregated behind dumpsters in back allies.”

Pamela understands an extrovert therapy dog is no substitute for human companionship. “Eventually, I’d like to meet someone whose poop I don’t have to pick up. In the meantime, Tad has opened my eyes to new possibilities. It’s hard to believe I’ve lived this long without chasing a squirrel.”