Ten Things Extroverts Wished They Had Let Introverts Say

…If they could stop talking for one second


  • I noticed our waiter didn’t wash his hands in the men’s room.
  • I too think Janice would make a great treasurer, but you do know she served time for embezzlement.
  • Is that your car being towed?
  • I can think of a few good reasons why our candidate should be against kindergarten students carrying loaded firearms.
  • If you have no objections to a hard working drug mule joining your family, I am asking for your daughter’s hand in marriage.
  • He’s great at multitasking if by multitasking you mean being a sales manager and Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan.
  • Here’s what I think about your plan, General Custer.
  • Why should we assume a 300-lb man, covered in tattoos, breaking into our apartment is really good at heart?
  • Contrary to what you may believe, I don’t think that’s one of the ways to skin a cat.
  • Is that package ticking?

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