Introverted Groom Hospitalized in Dancing Accident

man_in_stretcher_02An extremely introverted groom lost consciousness after collapsing from self-consciousness. Ellis McKinney was rushed to a local hospital shortly after he and his bride began the first dance at their wedding reception.

Seconds after the band launched into “Just in Time,” McKinney noticed hundreds of partygoers watching him. He began to hyperventilate and then spun around in what appeared to be a fancy dance move. He fell dizzily to the floor. Bride Janice Ankelman-McKinney screamed hysterically when she realized he wasn’t break dancing.

“He told me he felt uncomfortable being the center of attention,” sobbed Ankelman-McKinney. “I tried to make things easier for him. We even had his identical twin brother take his place in the reception line.”

Best man, Neil Copper said, “I’m not surprised this happened. At our bachelor party, he kept telling the stripper giving him a lap dance, ‘Please, I need my space.’”

McKinney regained consciousness in the hospital but became agitated when his nurse began humming “Sunrise Sunset.” He’s expected to fully recover.

Although still in shock, his young bride said she’s relieved and “thankful I didn’t ask him to do the Chicken Dance. It would’ve killed him.”

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