Feeling Comfortable in Your Introvert Skin

comfortable_in_skin_01bAre you happy being an introvert? You’ve probably thought about this a couple or thousand times. “Am I content or do I subconsciously resent the fact that I don’t have 10,000 Facebook friends?”

Answering the following questions might help clarify things:

  • Is is okay when people who are uneasy with your silence say, “Speak if you can hear me” – particularly EMTs?
  • Do you enjoy playing one-on-none basketball?
  • While standing by yourself at parties, do you have any problem with people mistaking you for a coat tree?
  • Are you oblivious to the fact your job title is “That Woman Who Sits by the Copy Machine”?
  • While engaging in foreplay, are you comfortable asking to be alone for a few minutes?
  • Do you eagerly anticipate having an intelligent conversation with yourself?
  • Is it reassuring to know your dog is the one creature to whom you can relate?
  • Do you enjoy staying at home alone on a Friday night, reading a book about a person who is miserable staying home alone on a Friday night?
  • Is pretending to listen to your boss relaxing?
  • Do you enjoy playing host when your family arrives for an intervention?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, congratulations. Your insecurities don’t need to be taken in a scooch. Your skin fits just fine.

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