Sesame Street Introduces New Introverted Character, Solomo

introvert_muppet_01Sesame Street is set to unveil its new introverted character, Solomo. “We thought it was time to address the large number of kids who prefer to spend time alone reading or playing by themselves rather than seeking companionship with other kids,” said a Sesame Street spokespuppet.

Solomo will encourage introverted children by:

  • Showing the joys of being alone on a deserted rundown city street in a dimly lit neighborhood.
  • Encouraging them to be kind and considerate to their imaginary friends.
  • Explaining how to say in a nice way to extroverted Sesame Street characters, “I don’t want to open up.”
  • Teaching basic math skills like counting the minutes until they’ll be alone.
  • Giving other helpful advice to extroverted Sesame Street characters like: “Yes Kermit, it’s not easy being green, but it’s also not easy listening to a frog croak non-stop about it,”

In addition to being the first introverted character, Solomo will also be the first Muppet to shut his bedroom door so the camera doesn’t invade his privacy.

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