Incredible Hulk Erupts After Date Asks “Why Are You So Quiet?”

Hulk_01bChaos ensued at a local eatery after mild mannered Bruce Banner’s blind date continued to ask: “Why are you so quiet.” Banner finally could take it no longer and involuntarily transformed into the raging Incredible Hulk. The owner of Le Petit Horreur Café is still totaling the damages.

Sheryl Panzoni, who met Banner through the dating website MatingMadScientists dot Com, had no idea he had an alter ego. “He said he possessed super human strength but everybody embellishes their personal ads. Bruce had a cute smile so I agreed to meet him for dinner.”

She said her date with Banner began uneventfully. “He was very polite. We met at the restaurant. I told him about my family. He told me about his experimental gamma bomb accident. He seemed like a nice guy but barely spoke.”

“After a while I got tired of carrying the conversation. I asked if there was something wrong and he said no.” Panzoni continued questioning Banner about his quiet nature until she noticed a slight change in his demeanor. “His body started to grow, he turned green, and started to grunt. I thought, ‘Oops, I think I’ve pressed his button.’ At this point I knew he wasn’t going to drive me home.”

Within seconds, Bruce Banner turned into the Incredible Hulk and began destroying the eatery. As customers fled, Panzoni pleaded with Banner/Hulk, “You don’t have to talk. We can just sit and eat!” The Hulk ignored her and continued destroying the hostess station.

By the time he knocked over the dessert cart, Panzoni had realized Banner wasn’t exaggerating in his online profile about being an introvert.

Despite the evening ending with her date being dragged away by 20 National Guardsmen, Sheryl Panzoni has no regrets. “He sent me a lovely note apologizing for his behavior. I admit things didn’t go well, but I came to admire his quiet dignity – and he was still nicer than most guys I meet online.”

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