Wrong Things to Say when an Extrovert Asks “Are You Okay?”


It drives us crazy. We’re minding are own business in silence with a dreary expression on our face, as introverts sometimes do, and someone asks: “Are you Okay?”

Unfortunately, “yes” is never a good enough answer. Neither are the following:

  • I’m fine. I’m just contemplating suicide.
  • Okay? I haven’t felt this great since you asked me if I was okay two minutes ago.
  • Thanks for your concern, but I’m just giving my facial muscles a rest.
  • Could you repeat your question? I was talking to my therapist, Satan.
  • I’m better than okay. I’m satisfactory.
  • If by okay you mean oblivious to the monotony around me, I’m just peachy.
  • I’m sorry. Were you talking to me or another voice in my head?

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