Introvert Breaking Points

groom_introvert_01It’s important to know when you’ve reached your socializing limit. Here are some typical points in time at which an introvert should say “no more!”

  • When a host says, “Thanks for coming to the party.”
  • When a boss says, “Moving on to slide 2 of the PowerPoint presentation.”
  • When a stranger at a wedding yells, “Let’s do the Chicken Dance!”
  • When anyone asks, “What are you reading?”
  • When the president calls and says, “I know I said I wouldn’t disturb you but World War III has begun.”
  • Immediately after a job interviewer says, “Thanks for coming in to meet with us.”
  • In a moment of passion when you just don’t have the energy to scream your partner’s name.
  • When the second patient of the day asks, “How long have I got, doc?”
  • When a policeman says to you, “You have the right to remain silent — but let me tell you how my day is going.”
  • When anyone asks, “How was your day?”

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