Toastmasters Introduces Small Talk Workshops

bad_speaker_01bToastmasters, the organization dedicated to helping people become better public speakers, is adding new workshops for introverts who want to improve their small talk skills. Topics include:

  • First impressions: Transforming a severely sarcastic sigh into a barely detectable groan
  • Saying “Hi” without crib notes
  • Staring at a woman’s breasts is not “almost” making eye contact
  • When is it not appropriate to query, “Is this handsome guy your boyfriend or a paid escort?”
  • Listening without snoring
  • How to clean up limericks using suitable words that rhyme with “Nantucket”
  • Ten nice things to say to a person handcuffed to an FBI agent
  • Showing empathy without belching
  • Visual aids and props: Things that are better left said by your hand puppet
  • Catchy comebacks after 45 minutes of awkward silence

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