Introvert Hangover – When You’ve Had One Too Many Extroverts

Hold all my calls.

You know that burnt out, exhausted feeling you get after being with lots of people for too long? Introverts call it Introvert Hangover. Everyone else calls it Family Reunion Aftermath.

It’s important to regulate your extrovert intake to avoid emotional exhaustion. Fortunately, unlike some alcoholics, very few introverts believe for one second they can handle large swarms of sorority sisters or sales managers. They’ve known this from the moment they had to be coaxed from the solitary comfort of their mother’s womb.

Unless you’re a monk living on a deserted cul-de-sac who’s taken a vow of silence, there are times when excessive socialization is unavoidable. Introvert Hangover is that exhausted feeling afterward when all you want is to crawl under your bed and spoon with a dust bunny. You’re mentally drained, physically tired and in no mood to make eye contact with your pet turtle.

It’s important for introverts to know the signs of an Introvert Hangover and how to properly deal with it. It can mean the difference between being forced to spend a day alone recuperating from exhaustion or… Come to think of it, spending a day alone doesn’t sound all that bad.

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