Take Me to Your Quiet Leader

introvert_leader_01Do you think being an introvert prevents you from being a successful leader? Think again.

Just because large groups of people aren’t your cup of tea doesn’t mean you can’t boss them around.

Over a lifetime, you’ve mastered countless valuble skills: avoiding people, ducking out of parties unnoticed, and pretending to listen when your mind is in another universe. If you can do all that, managing a multi-national corporation should be a piece of cake.

Follow these simple business management rules. In no time, employees with whom you never make eye contact will be kissing up to you.

  • Be yourself – unless you can impersonate other famous successful introverts like Bill Gates, Eleanor Roosevelt, or Abraham Lincoln.
  • Inspire others. Your employees may think you’re aloof and standoffish. They’ll forget quickly after you tell them you saw Jesus in a toner cartridge.
  • Project an air of quiet confidence – if possible without whistling nervously through your nose.
  • Delegate more. Just because the janitor is a whiz at cleaning toilets doesn’t mean he can’t negotiate a multimillion dollar contract with IBM.
  • Avoid people burnout. Interacting with countless folks all day is exhausting for introverts. If possible, hire a body double and teach him/her to continually say, “Let’s run it up the flag pole and see what happens.”


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