No Visual Response Home Introvert Test

pregnancy_test_01No Visual Response is the only home introvert test that tells you within minutes if you’re an introvert.

How it works

Simply pee on a test strip. Then see what color it changes to:

  • Off white indicates you’re an extrovert. Don’t tell anyone you took this test.
  • Pink indicates you’re a mild introvert. You can withstand obnoxious workmates up to eight hours a day as long as you hide in the janitor’s closet for occasional breaks.
  • Green indicates you’re a normal introvert. You can mingle with a group of strangers at a party until you come up with a good excuse to leave.
  • Blue indicates you’re a serious introvert. You should only enter into relationships with people who will give you some space, preferably people who live in neighboring states.
  • Purple indicates you’re an extreme introvert. Don’t leave your apartment until 2028.

The No Visual Response Home Introvert Test is more accurate than most introvert tests, including the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment, which we recommend if you prefer tests in which you don’t have to pee on things.

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