When Did You Realize You Were an Introvert?

 man_and_horse Bob: I remember lying in the maternity ward thinking, “These crying babies are driving me crazy!” At that moment I realized I was a solitary soul. Although I still prefer crying to small talk.

Sparky: Don’t get me wrong, I like Bob, but after he mounted me the first time, I thought, “I need my space.“

 FRANCE-CHANCELADE MAN-RECONSTRUCTION Phyllis: I always felt like a fish out of water. Then while at Harvard Business School I interned as a Mongolian tribeswoman. I found my dream job: yak herding. Now it’s just me, my deepest thoughts and 15,000 yaks.
 clown_01 Donald: For 20 years I entertained at children’s birthday parties before realizing large crowds of kiddies were driving me crazy. Now, I stay for only a few minutes, pretend to get an emergency phone call and leave. The kids and parents hate it but I’m a happy person.
 thoughful_man_01 Boyce: It was when I sat down to lunch with some introvert workmates. The table was silent. It’s so wonderful to discover friends with whom I can act as if they don’t exist.
 vampire_01 Melody: After I lost by baby fangs I began to feel a need for deep connections with just a few people. I’m kind of a loner, but I really latch intensely onto the friends I do have.

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